Clipperton Island Video Reviews & Comments

Video Review "FO0AAA Clipperton Island"

By Jack Sheldon, KN7Y

As an amateur videographer and experienced still photographer, and movie and music lover, I thought I might take a look at a recently available video written and filmed by James Brooks, 9V1YC.  It just so happens to relate to yet another favorite interest, amateur radio and DXpeditions.  So, why not take a shot at writing a review.

OK, with that brief introduction out of the way, the movie begins with a very upbeat South American musical background that was selected with the best of ears.  The music chosen to accompany the video fit with every scene, and on occasion the birds, palm trees, and music seem to move together as if the piece was written for that purpose.

The video is very realistic from the standpoint of managing a DXpedition in general to the detailed description and manner in which the island is approached by boat.  Never a moment to miss because little time is spent on the standard DXpedition packing and unpacking of the selected vessel, in this case the "Shogun."  9V1YC gets right to the point with the specific art in approaching Clipperton Island.

The viewer is introduced to the journey and what appears to have been relatively calm seas on the approach from San Diego.  Computer animation is used to give the audience a "fly by" impression of the island, and video clips introduce the rugged terrain.  The operators give short segments of interviews to explain their experiences, new to some and familiar to others.  The CADXA hosted the DXpedition leader, John N7CQQ at our May BBQ dinner under the big top.  Other familiar operators include Mark ON4WW, K4UEE, 9V1YC, N6TQS, JK7TKE, N9NS, N0TT, N9TK, VE5RA, HB9AHL, and EA3NY.  This is a fairly great world wide representation.   (Please forgive me if I omitted anyone).

What sets this video apart from some others is the abundant research on the history of the island, very interesting and sometimes almost frightening.  Further research and narration about the birds and crabs also shows great attention to detail.  One certainly learns about the balance of nature and the sometimes unfortunate intrusion of mankind.

The viewer also experiences exciting moments of operating and listening to what pileups sound like on "the other side," and about DXing in some of the most rugged environmental conditions.  This is a true DXpedition video. Feelings of mystery are evoked from photographs of islands or from stories about pirates, treasures, and shipwrecks.  Did the group experience mystery and intrigue when approaching Clipperton Island?  One might conclude they become accustomed to the surrounding environment during the short period of 9 days.  Yet, when the DXpedition left the island and Clipperton eventually disappeared from site, there must have been a greater feeling of mystery, to wonder who would be visiting next.

This video "FO0AAA Clipperton Island 2000" is one to place on the bookshelf next to "PJ9W the Spirit of Victory" and "ZL9CI."  Of course, you will want to place it in your VCR to give it a good spin.  It is well worth your time, and if you just happen to be a DX'er, you will really enjoy this video.  I think my wife would even like it!



Really nice!! Excellent sound, and pictures. Nice that he included the history about Clipperton. VERY enjoyable!   - Floyd, N5FG


I just received my copy of the FO0AAA DXpedition video and watched it. James - 9V1YC strikes again! For those of you that saw the ZL9CI video and enjoyed it, t

his is in the same genre. It's ****** Brilliant **** **** Fantastic ***** and extremely well worth buying...You will be delighted with the hour's entertainment.  - Lee, ZL2AL



Once again, James Brooks 9V1VC, has excelled himself. I saw this video at the HF Convention in the UK, a few days after its release. The video lasts about an hour

and shows the difficulty and dangers when landing on Clipperton. The commentary and pictures show plenty of details of the DXpedition, plus lots of history of the island. ...

this video tops the ZL9CI one done by James. Highly recommended.    - Nigel, G4KIU


In one word, WOW! When it ended, I almost forgot I had a tape in the VCR, I thought I was watching the Discovery channel. :) Really outstanding. - Doug, N6RT


Excellent video and editing. The background information of Clipperton was very interesting. really was fun to watch and worth the money ! - N2CY


..really enjoyed it. Once again, well done, with a good balance between radio things and island history etc. - Wilbert, ZL2BSJ


All I can say is OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much for this piece of amateur radio history. I can guarantee the video will be a program for the

Baltimore Amateur Radio Club very shortly.     - Lon, N3ZKP


Well I finished watching the Clipperton video this morning. It was really fun watching it - gives you the feeling of being there. I had read most of the

history of the place on the web so that aspect wasn't as interesting as the nature info. I enjoy feeding birds so it was interesting hearing about the Boobies

and the Frigate bird. And the crabs! Once again the music on the trip down - a nice touch. I guess if I had to compare I'd say you are getting a little better. Thanks f

or putting this together for the DX community. - Mike, K8IW


They are really terrific. Can't wait for the A5 video. As a volunteer fireman I always get a rush going into a burning house, but going over the breakers on Clipperton

looked like it could really start the heart pounding. Thanks for the great dx-peditions and the chance to go along and view the action. - Bill, AI3Q


Congratulations for the excellent video from Clipperton Island. History, crabs, birds, landing, pileups... all included in 60 minutes!! - Erwin, ON7SEL


Just received ZL9CI & FO0AAA videos. They're absolutely amazing! - Paolo, CT1ETE


Both videos are wonderful, a delightful mix of ham radio, history, and the natural wonders of the islands.  - Bob, W2GG


Once again, an EXCELLENT video. This is both educational from the island point of view, as well as an introduction to non-hams to what the hobby is all about.

Can't wait for the next one. I have both! More!! - Stewart, KE4SCY


Thanks for giving me the chance of being one of the group there on Clipperton.- Wino, PA0ABM


That's what I call a very good documentary! I'm a radio freak I am also a teacher and I really enjoyed the Biologic and Historical approaches.

That makes me dream again!!

- Jose, CT1EEB


...the FO0AAA and ZL9CI tapes were so nice and professionally made that even my wife who rarely joins me in watching ham radio related videos sat it out

with me for the whole duration.  - Ernie, DU1COO